The Institute of Safety Health and Environment Management (ISHEM), is a non-governmental and non-profit making organisation set up to promoted excellence in Safety, Health and Environment practice and to create nationwide awareness on these three factors essential in building a Nation’s capabilities to command a place in the highly volatile and competitive global village.

ISHEM believes that proper implementation of SHE Management Systems will increase overall productivity and competitiveness leading to a better quality of life for the Nation.

The race towards competitiveness in a Global Village is stealing the focus of all business Organizations and Government alike. Safety, Health and Environment issues are also slowly gaining importance in the everyday life of the citizen and each issue is carrying independently its own merit and consideration.

Founder members firmly believe that Safety, Health, Welfare as well as the Environment in general are essential factors for productivity and competitiveness. A citizen who is aware of his responsibility and who is educated and adequately trained will contribute effectively to the battle for competitiveness. The concept of Improving and Protecting the environment as well as building a safe, healthy, and productivity Nation for better quality of life has been the guiding principle behind the setting up of the Institute of Safety Health and Environment Management. (ISHEM)

The objectives of the Institution are:

  • to promote Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) in all fields of human activities.
  • to organize and conduct programs, lecture, training courses, exhibitions, broadcastings; and publish periodicals, pamphlets, posters; and use any other means to educate, explain and sensitize members, workers and the population at large, on SHE issues.
  • To make representation to Government with a view to enactment or amendment of legislation aimed at improving Safety, Health and Environment practices.
  • To promote, co-ordinate and sustain Safety Health and Environment Management activities for better productivity and quality of life on a National level.
  • To establish international links for the promotion and sharing of expertise in the field of Safety, Health and Environment Management.
  • To provide expertise and specialized technical services in the field of Safety, Health, and Environment Management.